A photo essay of hiroshima and nagasaki

Xinhua Bookstore is also currently going through reforms so that it can survive during the transformation of the brick-and-mortar bookstore industry nationwide.

All of them are run by private owners, but a photo essay of hiroshima and nagasaki owners of Xinhua Bookstore have seen the possibility of learning from their rival competition. Currently, major Xinhua bookstores in nine cities have improved and expanded their services, which has essay based scholarships 2012 movies rewarding, as some of them have doubled and even tripled their revenue.

A Xinhua Bookstore on Changning Road Blue sea in suburbs, small towns The success of bookstores in cities in Heilongjiang Province also has led more and more booksellers to smell the opportunities in medium or small a photo essay of hiroshima and nagasaki, or even in towns and villages.

But Peng Weiguo, the deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Press and Publication Bureau, told the Global Times that beyond the downtown areas of big cities, there are huge potentials for readership. Peng cited what he has seen in small towns of Zhejiang Province as an example. According to Peng, he encountered a couple who owns such a book station in a town of Shaoxing, and the couple can easily make hundreds of thousands of yuan per year.

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A photo essay of hiroshima and nagasaki -

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A photo essay of hiroshima and nagasaki -

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a photo essay of hiroshima and nagasaki

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